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November 20, 2008

I was running through the listings on google for this new dating site that came out called ULust.com Singles looking to hook up!  Turns out I ran into this guys blog called ULust where he talks about the dates hes gone on using the ULust.com dating site.  I thought it was interesting because his story sound pretty genuine.

Hes even been posting girls pictures of the ones hes gone on dates with.  Take a peek at this girl he had hooked up with through ULust adult dating site.

ULust.com hot asian girl

ULust.com hot asian girl

Apparently thats a pic of the girl he hooked up with after meeting her through ULust.  I already checked out ULust.com by joining for free and it looks promising so I’m going to get a paid membership and start meeting some women!

View that guys blog ULust.com if you wanna take a closer look for yourself.